Business analytics

Business intelligence & analytics services

= Profits
Marketing analytics
  • Database marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Forecasting
  • Impact of campaigns
Operations optimization
  • Logistics improvement
  • Process improvement
  • Statistical quality control
  • Cost reduction
Data-driven products
  • Engineering information-heavy products
  • Analytics for products
Custom projects
  • Geographical information
  • Fraud detection
  • Statistical analysis

Marketing analytics

Develop and establish customer relationships using customer and sales databases, and other information sources.

  • Segment customers to understand individual needs of each customer group
  • Forecast demand and sales to adjust production resources
  • Measure impact of marketing campaigns to establish return-of-investment

Operations optimization

Improve efficiency and quality by measuring and controlling processes and products.

  • Optimize logistics using mathematical tools to reduce costs
  • Remove process bottlenecks by process modeling and simulation
  • Monitor process output quality statistically to increase customer satisfaction

Developing data-heavy products

We provide methodological consulting for engineering products that process large volumes of information.

  • Efficient products to fulfill customer needs
  • New product development to capture new markets
  • Supplementing existing products with analytics services to increase customer value

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