Life sciences

Life sciences services

Microarray analysis
  • Gene & miRNA expression
  • Array-CGH
  • SNP
  • DNA methylation
  • Protein arrays
Next-generation sequencing analysis
  • Whole genome & exome sequencing
  • RNA-seq
  • ChIP-seq
Biodatabase mining
  • Combine your results with existing knowledge
  • Genomic databases
  • Experiment databases
Custom projects
  • Integrate workflows into your infrastructure
  • Method development
  • Modelling and simulation

High-throughput data analysis

Microarray and sequencing analysis services include:

  • Experimental design consulting
  • Preprocessing, normalization and quality control
  • Statistical analysis: differential expression, variant calling, etc.
  • Annotation with biodatabases
  • Gene Ontology & pathway analysis
  • Upload to ArrayExpress/GEO (academic projects)

Our analysis workflow is illustrated in a breast cancer case.

Biodatabase mining

Find additional support for your results or discover new hypotheses from published knowledge, such as:

Custom projects

  • Integrate analysis workflows into your infrastructure. Enabling software technologies include R, Anduril, KNIME, Pegasus, Taverna or your preference.
  • Custom bioinformatics method development: tailor-made algorithms for your problem
  • Modelling and simulation of biochemical pathways
  • Suggest other ideas:

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